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Thursday, December 20, 2012

Winter Make Up Trends - White Eyeliner

Winter Make Up Trends - White
White Eyeliner trend gives a special look to your eyes, it highlights and opens them and give's them freshness. 

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Make-up trends for the Autumn-Winter 2012/13

Should look like our makeup this season, to be able to say that is the current trend? There are a few basic rules that characterize this year's trend and we will present the most important of them in this article.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Dior color makeup with crystals

The Dior runway is a real paradise for the eyes. In July Raf Simons presented its first workmanship for the prestigious fashion house and after the presentation of the collection high fashion, the show was remembered by the walls filled with flowers and futuristic makeup. 

The latest ready-to-wear show Dior spring / summer 2013 is presented by  colorful bright eye makeup models.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Autumn trends and new makeup tricks

The green color in all its variations is equally current, whether you choose light or full of nuance, however, the color green will allow you to create dramatic makeup and sexed view. Use the green shade in the evening instead of black. The effect is awesome!

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Top 10 makeup trends for autumn 2012

Fashion shows and runways have always been an eternal inspiration for many things. This time they even served as inspiration for how to make it more beautiful  this fall.
Smoky brown eyes, blood red lips, sexy pink cheeks are just a few of the ways to look amazing this fall.

Thursday, July 19, 2012


The new make-up collection of Armani brings gentle and sensual tones of elegance and glory.
Timeless elegance is largely inspired by the style of the 80s appealed to the new make-up collection of fashion house Giorgio Armani.
Giorgio Armani Neo Classic for autumn / winter 2012/2013 is based on soft and sensual nuances that will delight any woman who keeps to herself and her looks.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Pupa - makeup kits for modern girls

Pupa always special effort investing in the design of their packaging for makeup. Each year doing special research about what a modern market and what girls fantasize and turns in a nicely packaged box makeup.
Only when you see a small doll, a butterfly or shiny purse, just wish to have in your small fortune from cosmetics.  
These sets are also a wonderful gift for your niece, best friend or sister. 
See the different sets of Pupa and allow to awaken and your imagination.

Monday, June 4, 2012

Eyes in the colors of the rainbow

It seems that once you get all the spring colors of the rainbow are on our wardrobe.
Rainbow eye shadow is definitely a look that perfectly matches this season. Mix your favorite shades for eyes to get a unique rainbow appearance.

Monday, March 19, 2012

8 top makeup trends - Spring / Summer 2012

Supplemented with a dose of simplicity, elegance and romance, new trends in makeup is primarily feminine and gentle. Visions of the makeup artists for spring / summer is characterized by its diversityso that they will find those who prefer fresh natural look, but those who through makeup want to leave a strong impression.

Maybe some of the trends will realize as a kind of gradation of the trends from last season, but many others are fresh reaction of spring awakening of nature, which will increase the curiosity to experiment.

Want to make a change in your style of makeupInspired by the following new spring and summer trends: 

1.Eyelashes like a doll 

Thick long lashesbent up like a doll, the real goalIrresistible thick lashes are a great complement to pastel shades and feminine silhouettes that prevailed in actual collections for the new season. 

2.Natural appearance with invisible makeup

Fresh and romanticThe purpose of discrete makeup to conceal skin imperfections and highlight facial featuresThe natural look, achieved by minimalist makeup that did not take notes, Beauty is an absolute hit 

3.Full thick eyebrows

Fashion world is currently in love to the ears in the dramatic thick eyebrows. Bold full form of eyebrows became dominant last season without losing one bit of his influence continues to be attractive this season. 

4.Juicy orange lips

Orange shades will undoubtedly mark in 2012. Spring awakening of nature, as well as penetration and strengthening sunlight will updated orange color. 

5.Baby pink lips

New season set on a pedestal everything feminine and gentlePink lips are no exceptionOversized pink color you can combine with pastel eye shadow or silver shade with a metallic luster 

6.Coral and pink sports cheeks

Sports theme is a novelty in fashion trends, and somewhat sporty look and found a place in the makeup trends. Refreshing cheeks that look like the result of sports activity among obvious trends

7.Modern catlike eyes

Inspiration for catlike eyes with black eye liner comes from various sources - from makeup style Sophia Loren, to catlike eyes of 50's. 

8.Gold and silver eyes

Shadows with metallic reflection are the ideal choice for evening looks. Silver, bronze, gold ... white shades with pearly luster, blue shadows with metallic shine ...the choice is enormous.