Thursday, November 8, 2012

Make-up trends for the Autumn-Winter 2012/13

Should look like our makeup this season, to be able to say that is the current trend? There are a few basic rules that characterize this year's trend and we will present the most important of them in this article.

Makeup tendency for some years not lost its power in the world of decorative cosmetics. Season choose eyeliner in black, brown or purple. Complemented it with mascara to get a sensual retro look. Person shall be well equated with powder, apply blush and lipstick in pastel colors.

What are the actual shades of lipstick? We would say the choice should be defined by individual style, but it is good to know the actual colors. Without doubt the dark colors prevail. Starting from the darkest dark red, maroon, dark red, orange and so on. If you choose a dark shade lipstick you should know that it is a very strong emphasis and must not exaggerate. The only thing that goes into this combination is eye mascara and very gentle shadow. See the actual colors look like:

Matte Makeup

Way of make-up which is always a good choice. The entire face is painted in soft pastel colors. Porcelain complexion, minimally emphasized eyes and matte lipstick. Supplemented with blush in pastel colors. Makeup that perfectly conceals flaws and emphasizes the beautiful facial features. Natural look is always between three basic makeup trends, regardless of seasonal hit trends.

Emphasize the eyes

This is recommend it primarily for night outing. Because it comes in dark shadows and intense colors imposed by the seasonal trend. Strongest effect you will achieve if you choose black or dark brown. Equally good wine selection and the colors dark and purple, but they should be careful to be well integrated with your complete styling. Specific and do not experiment if you do not know how to properly use.