Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Top 10 makeup trends for autumn 2012

Fashion shows and runways have always been an eternal inspiration for many things. This time they even served as inspiration for how to make it more beautiful  this fall.
Smoky brown eyes, blood red lips, sexy pink cheeks are just a few of the ways to look amazing this fall.

Proposal 1 - Dark red lips

Traditional red lipstick this season has been replaced by dark and romantic shades. In fact it could be seen on Dolce & Gabbana fashion shows, where shades of lipstick were so dark they went to the border with black. Apply this shade of your lips, but apply a little powder and blush on your neck and chest, not to look pale and scary.
Proposal No. 2 - brown smoky eyes

From the review of Burberry could see what effect has this way of applying makeup.The Smokey eyes are like a necklace, they should not be too intrusive to be noticed.So place the black and gray are used to replace the brown shades. Apply brown pencil on the edges of the eye, add shadow and brush blown it on the surface.
Proposal No. 3 - olive shade

Yes it is the color of eye shadow to use this season. But think of green as grass or bright tones. Here we think of olive green color that your view will give depth. This shadow can frame the eye, put a pencil in the same color, but remember to wear a mascara to spare for a complete look.
Proposal 4 - Catlike eyes

Warning, this is not the look for shy girls.With this eye make up all the attention in the room will be facing you.For evening out this is the right look. With a pencil draw it to the bottom of the lid just in the middle. The upper part of the first frame with a pencil or shower, apply a good top layer of black shade, which will follow the previous plot lines.Proposal no. 5 - Gold effect

After our summer our skin is well tanned and we always want to emphasize the resulting tan. To our skin glows, use shadows in golden shades or blush with golden touch.You can also find powder powder of gold globally, so I highlighted their best features and your tan will come to the fore
Proposal 6 - Blue Eyeliner

For bolder girls who want the emphasis to put on your eyes this season to experiment with blue color. The review of Anna Sui could not see how it is done.Shower with blue eye was drawn eye and only one point was placed at the bottom and look was totally dramatic and appealing.