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Thursday, August 14, 2014

Nail Designs - The Ultimate Nail Art App For Your Windows Phone Smarphone

Well designed nails, the fashion accessory that all the women strive for. Now days every one is trying to be more fashionable than ever before, so we are searching over the net to get next best design.

This is where this app comes in handy. Nail Designs is the ultimate application for all your nail designs search activities in order to pick the most desired nail art to decorate your nails. 

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Trendy manicure (photo)

Want to beautify your nailsbut remain without ideas? Spring manicure is one of the mandatory treatment for beautifying women.

If you have not yet decided to design her nails, in addition to several of our suggestions:

Friday, March 23, 2012

Metalic Nails - Dramatic looking collection

The makeup artist Holly Silius and the jewelry designer Hannah Warner had created very interesting and  dramatic collection of  nails jewelry made ​​of metal.The collection is inspired by nature and is designed for both sexes.Spiders and nets, trunks and branches, skulls and lizards, leaves, thorns, short or long, in gold, silver and black variants.
Would you wear something like this?

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Dossier - Fingernails / Tattoo 2012

Konad Stamping Nail Art debuted on the Asia market in 2003. '' WOW SO COOL'',was my first comment when I met with Stamping Nail Arts, said Jessica,one of the founders of Konad Stamping.

Well girls , the tattoos are not only limited only for the body it can be done on the nails too,with hundreds of ideas and design you convey the colors of spring .. and a practical pouch designed to store your pedicure. 

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Freaky and unusual NAIL designs

Most women want to have gathered their nails. But the time came when the usual French manicure has become boring. Today's trend is to have nails that are creative, different and that will attract attention of people around you.

We are some crazy creations of nails. Some of them are totally impracticalbut when you fashion forced to think functionallyRarelySo if you still choose one of these creations of nails or the like, be sure to attract attention of people around you.

Just beware though not too much to wardrobe and makeup, because you do notwant the end to look ridiculous. Or maybe without some night you're funnyHmm, look at and evaluate yourself. What would you chooseAnother note-for some of these nails will be needed long practice.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Nail Corner: LFW edition! A vibrant manicure inspired by Erdem’s Fall 2012 prints

The inspiration: Erdem Fall 2012


 Okay, first things first: start with a base coat of deep purple. If you’re just getting into nail art, I promise this Erdem design is not as complicated as it looks. Aside from a few flourishes when painting out the white shapes, the rest of this design is achieved by layering oval shapes on top of each other. I used two shades of blue: a bright cerulean and a deeper-cobalt polish. Try to imitate the shapes of petals and leaves as you go—though the beauty of this print is in its irregularities! I finished off this design with a few dot-blobs of purple and chartreuse.