Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Colour Trend For This Year

Today we are bringing to you the palette of colors that will be present this year, some of which survived the previous seasons, and some scrambled as the trend for this season.

Although this color and nuance are not worthy of all those for whom this is one of the most favorite color can rightly rejoice. If you're pale skinned, wearing a striking detail clothing in this color, for example a dress color mint, and if you have an olive complexion, it is better to bring in the form of a nifty plugins.


The Coral is one of the favorite choices for trendsetters for two years and does not appear to be losing popularity. Therefore, if you intend to add to the range which is located in your wardrobe, do it. This color can bring in the form of a blouse or a striking overlay handbag - the choice is yours!


If there is a color that is feminine and gentle, then certainly a creamy pink color just like sugar wool. This color brings to emphasize femininity, because it is a proven recipe that works even in male combinations.


Although most wear this color in the shape of a classic white blouse, there are many other ways to help with this color can enrich its appearance, from jacket to pants. The possibilities are limitless, and you can combine them with other top colors, for example with a sash in Coral shade.

Royal blue

Blue is the favorite color of many, especially happy ones impressive, more so shades. That is one of the most desired color for this year, and this trend can be adjusted using a blue blouse or handbag overlay. Moreover allowed to wear heels in this color. If you've ever wanted attention, this selection will definitely allow it.

Sunny yellow

Work on your style with striking yellow shirts, combine them with skinny jeans and ordinary short jackets. Do not forget even after a long necklace and you're ready to go out.