Monday, January 14, 2013

Sunglasses Trends For Spring 2013

Season that comes before us abounds with diverse fashion trends for every style and taste has a place. What we like most is the different range and forms of sunglasses that are currently offered for the upcoming sunny time of the year.
We should especially pay attention when choosing sunglasses, since the chosen models talk about our style, taste and what fashion trends we  follow. This spring the is totally retro is IN but off course in modern packaging. Take a look at a few trends that are coming back and will be a big hit, and maybe you will find and afford one pair of glasses to one of this Spring 2013 trends. 

Round form glasses
Perhaps this trend until now is most retro model that has found its place on the catwalk again, and slowly more and streets. It does not matter the size, will be smaller, more important is just round. These glasses are very interesting, but you need to select the correct size that will fit you and you will surely be noticed everywhere. 
Geometric shapes

Definitely the most remarkable spectacles for this season are those with odd geometric shapes and color frames. This models can be seen at Versace and Fendi shows.The models are very futuristic, but at the same time trendy. For all of you who are blind followers of fashion, be sure to find yourself for you this pair of glasses that will fit your head shape.
Catlike glasses

This is one of the most seductive and sexiest models. This is a trend that has already lasted in the fashion scene, and this is because women simply adore these glasses. If you do not already have a pair, it is a high time to afford and be the right cat.
Sunglasses with mirror like reflection 
Mystery itself your view to be hidden is simply a pleasure in itself, even if it is beautiful glasses, the feeling is greater. The reflection of the mirror is particularly fashionable this season and will probably be one of the biggest hits of the beach.
 Large frame glasses
Jackie Kennedy trend returns again and is another retro model that girls adore. Everybody wants to hide behind big glasses and designers thought you again this season and created a unique framework.
Decorated frames

For all those who love you more accessories, this make glasses for you.Whether you have a flower, butterfly or will have an interesting frame in color and pattern.