Thursday, September 27, 2012

Massimo Duti - Simple Refinement

Massimo Duti is a picture of a woman who loves simplicity in clothes and her wardrobe. The sophistication of the pieces of clothing can be seen in the materials and clothes lines.
Collections are always sticking to elegant feature of the brand, and the colors are very rarely represented.
This collection only thing that stands out from the neutral color is dark red and it gives pep collection.

Slowly strained and you need to obtain a good sweater that will shine this season. Leather pieces are again included, and if you want to calibrate here swaying skirts and dresses.
 If you are a fan of classic elegance and simplicity of this was created just for you.
See what you can see in the store soon Massimo Duti and which piece of clothing you most lacking in closet.