Tuesday, September 4, 2012

12 trends from the New York Fashion Week

New York Fashion Week was full of models and creations that acted really attractive, yet unthinkable everyday.
Highlights from the large number of trends 12 which look really modern, simple and convenient to carry.
12 trends from the New York Fashion Week

Formal dresses with high neckline envelops. This autumn silhouette in the foreground, without excessive show of skin. Soft silk and satin is best when it comes to this type of dress.
Red skirts, dresses, pants ... Red is the new black this fall. In combination with autumn and neutral colors and tones, the red color is something that will amounts in the colder days.

Black and white costumes. If the costume that you are in the closet already you become boring, make contrasting combinations. White classic pants combine with a black jacket or vice versa.
PVC raincoats. The runway for the first time something that is really practical for this period. It is time to get the raincoat of your closet and wear without you seems ridiculous.
Warm and cozy sweaters. Comfortable and pleasant warming in autumn days. Bind with the colors. This season the color spectrum is wide and almost all the shades that fit your style are allowed.
Contrasting collars. All dresses and tops New York runways were decorated with cute collars, made of contrasting colors and materials of the creations themselves. If you enjoy this bold trend this fall is your season.
White dresses adorned with a belt. Black belt seems mandatory detail this fall. White simple dress is no longer a trend, if not decorate with belt high above the waist.
Modified hats. Autumn hats found in every possible combination. Made from warm and soft materials, hats this season will protect you against wind and cold air.
Black-and-white prints and patterns. Combining autumn diversity best choice just black and white combinations. However, as modern trend is the mix from two different black and white patterns.
Retro dresses. The 60's trends was observed exactly in these colorful dresses. In combination with short leather jackets reminiscent of hippie style, only contemporary and modern way.
Pale gray dresses. In recent years, the gray shades show its success. So this Fashion Week was packed with sleek pale gray dresses made of silk which stress the figure in every possible way.
Plaid pieces in dark red shades. Just when plaited pieces seemed to go out of fashion, New York Fashion Week announced their return. If you choose poncho or coat with this pattern.