Thursday, August 16, 2012

Mulberry presented the Del Rey handbag

Lana Del Ray has just been listed in one of the few muses of famous designers. He quickly got his bag from Mulberry which is a blend of the old Hollywood glamor and modern convenience.
The fashion week in London, the famous brand has launched a handbag which is written "Del Rey", as part of the Catwalk collection. Available in several colors, all decorated with gold detail, really reminiscent of the new fashion icon and follow her style.

Here's what the designer thinks about this bag: "Del Rey has the perfect purse structure. Also looks like a hard briefcase with a fixed shape, and it's adjustable and made of soft material. "
Lana Del Ray simply said it was thrilled by the thought that she was somebody's muse and inspiration.Worship mix of old Hollywood with modern style. That has proved many times before, when he was spotted proudly bears the design named after her.