Friday, July 13, 2012

Hot 'rags' for summer adventures

Summer is in full swing and summer lowering begin slowly, so not too much to recap what's Inn to wear this summer.

Pastel pants
Bright pastel colors are just perfect for the summer, so for work or strolling definitely need to purchase some summer pants in pastel colors
"Carrot" skirt
This is still a very functional part of the wardrobe, which is simply not allowed to neglect and miss. You could say that this model skirt never got out of fashion but only occurs in different variations. But this season, these skirts are must have piece.

Long wide dresses
This dress is perfect for summer heat. While the dress is easy, you feel comfortable in it. Simply it is this feeling perfectly. This year wear long dresses in a wide variety of colors and patterns.

Summer coat
For several seasons male models wear a jacket for women, but every year they receive a new dimension.So this year became the floral and lines and we have to admit that they stand very well on most women. Do not forget you can combine them with those pastel pants and carrots skirts.