Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Swimwear Trends for Spring-Summer 2012

New swimwear designs are comfortable to use for their intended purpose. This can hardly be said about the last season’s models, even though the swimwear is usually being bought as an embellishment for the body, which was carefully prepared for the beach season.

We have to remark the moderate use of various accessories: rings, buckles and brooches. However, designers suggest combining the simplicity of the swimwear with plenty of various massive bracelets. Classic one-piece “Mayo” swimwear models with scoop and V neckline are still in-style (Suno, Tory Burch, R/H).

One-piece swimwear models will visually slim your body and make your legs look longer; trendy bright colors and various slits will help you to mask the problem body areas.

Two-piece swimwear is extremely popular, here you will find more options of tops and bottoms styles, that will allow you to come up with some interesting variants. For example, “bandini” – strapless top (Jean Paul Gaultier for Perla), “bikini” or “halters” (Mara Hoffman).

“Monokini” swimwear styles, where the top is attached to the bottom with the help of weaving, accessories or cut, will look very fashionable in summer of 2012 (Mara Hoffman, Jean Paul Gaultier for Perla).
The beachwear is not limited to swimwear, pareo and hat. Light dress or tunic is a mandatory attribute of beach vacation. Wide, waving styles and delicate transparent fabric will give you a bohemian look.

Colorful oriental prints, Asian national clothing styles (Mara Hoffman, Tory Burch) and classic elegance are in-trend (Chanel).