Friday, February 24, 2012

Bershka Spring 2012 Dresses

The new collection Bershka has dresses that are very different fashion trends! And, new Bershka dresses are quite nice and cheap!
asymmetric dresses , dresses with different patterns in full color, lace dresses, prom dresses , pastel dresses, tight dresses, evening dresses, ...

Bershka Spring 2012 Dresses : Dresses asymmetric with unequal lengths in different designs patterned cats and pastel shades like pink and the pleated fabric, which takes a lot this season. The first cost 29.99 euros and 35.99 second. Bershka Spring 2012 Dresses : Short dresses in full color with floral patterns, geometric designs and illustrations varied. As you can see the silhouettes become marked in Bershka, wearing hardly any flight, almost all the dresses are intubated and dominant feature.Bershka Spring 2012 Dresses : dresses of lace and lace. Like other clothing stores, Bershka is aimed at the fashion of lace dresses. Both costs 29.99.